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  • Manage your entire boutique

    Easily manage your entire LuLaRoe boutique from one platform! We are fully integrated with Facebook and can support your multi's! Watch your sales grow by using LEXI

  • Shipping

    Create and Print your shipping labels directly through LEXI.

  • Easy Invoicing & Management

    Setting up LEXI, syncing to Quickbooks, managing your invoices, and inventory can be accomplished within minutes

  • Get More Sales

    Lexi was designed to help you maximize your earning potential. We even notify you in real time as your customers interact with your boutique!

  • Multi-Consultant Sales?

    Yes, LEXI works with Facebook

  • Need a personal assistant?

    Sign up for LEXI. Easily upload your pictures and setup your events. Once setup, all you need to do is sit back and relax.

  • Sales Channels. Redefined.

    We will help you increase your LuLaRoe sales. Let LEXI help you grow your LuLaRoe boutique.

  • Ditch the Paperwork

    LEXI allows you to view everything in one place! We will continue to improve our systems and services to help your business grow.

  • Safe & Sound

    LEXI uses government grade encryption to ensure that all interactions are secure.

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