Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers!

How does LEXI work?

LEXI creates the sense of special occasion, excitement and personal interaction, by allowing you to host your Pop-up directly through the platform. LEXI includes real-time messaging features which you can use to personally interact with your customers in real time as they are browsing your Pop-up boutique!

Is LEXI a LLR Specific App?

No. LEXI runs on an engine known internally as ClosedLoop. ClosedLoop is a private social engagement platform. LEXI is one of the applications that interacts with ClosedLoop. LEXI merely facilitates pop-up boutiques. LEXI is deeply integrated with Audrey, and allows you to record all of your sales directly in Audrey.

Processing Sales - “Audrey"

LEXI can be used to record all of your payments and provide transaction records and back-office functionality once a payment has been received. When you've made a sale, you can log into Audrey to complete the transaction.

Is LEXI an Online Auction, Classifieds, or a Buy/Sell/Trade type site?

No. LEXI is a private social engagement platform. There are no concepts of “auctions”, or “buy/sell/trade”. The goal of LEXI is to create the sense of special occasion, and because of this goal, we require you to run pop-up boutiques where you can interact with your customers. You cannot “create a listing” and leave it online indefinitely; this would not create a pleasant experience for your customers!

Is LEXI an Online Retailer?

No, LEXI is a private social engagement platform. We do not offer online retail capabilities.

Does LEXI violate the Polices and Procedures?

We have gone through the Policies and Procedures set-forth by LuLaRoe, and have ensured 100% compliance with their platform. If an issue ever arises, it is our commitment to notify you immediately and make changes to our application in order to ensure future compliance. Per the terms of LuLaRoe, an "Independent Fashion Consultants may never use any website to sell LLR product other than the conduct of a Pop-Up Boutique.” We give you the ability to conduct a private Pop-Up Boutique.

Is Audrey Integration Required?

No. LEXI is no longer actively offering integration with Audrey. See our thoughts here: